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  • S.803, the E-Government Act (with Lieberman-Thompson substitute amendment) S.Res.281, a resolution to designate "National Fraud Against Senior Citizens Awareness Week" S.Res.185, a resolution commending the 100th Anniversary of Korean immigration to the United States
  • S.1646, a bill to identify certain routes in four states as part of the Ports-to-Plains corridor S.1041, a bill to establish a program to increase public access to defibrillation in schools H.R.2047, Patent & Trademark Office Authorization (with Leahy-Hatch substitute amendment) S.1754, Patent...
  • S.2621, a bill clarifying that an airplane is a vehicle under the Patriot Act S.Res.291, a Legal Counsel Resolution
  • S.Res.290, June 24 - July 24 as French Heritage Month
  • S.2594, A bill to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase silver on the open market when the silver stockpile is depleted, to be used to mint coins
  • S.Con.Res.114, a concurrent resolution expressing the Sense of Congress regarding North Korea refugees who are detained in China S.Con.Res.110, a concurrent resolution to honor the heroism and courage displayed by airline flight attendants on a daily basis
  • S.Con.Res.104, a concurrent resolution recognizing the 150th anniversary of the American Society of Civil Engineers H.Con.Res.387, a concurrent resolution recognizing the 150th anniversary of the American Society of Civil Engineers S.Res.287, a resolution congratulating the Detroit Red Wings on...
  • S.Res.283, a resolution regarding the successful completion of democratic elections in the Republic of Colombia (with Wellstone-Graham technical amendment)
  • S.672, Immigration classification of certain aliens (with Feinstein technical amendment) H.R.1209, Immigration classification of immediate relative (with Feinstein technical amendment) S.Res.286, Congratulating the Los Angeles Lakers on winning the 2002 NBA championship
  • S.1372, Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization Conference Report
  • S.Res.182, a resolution regarding adequate resources to combat global poverty S.Res.253, a resolution regarding Anti-Semitism and religious tolerance in Europe S.Res.263, a resolution congratulating the Republic of Croatia on its 10th anniversary of U.S. recognition S.Res.252, a resolution regarding...
  • S.1983, designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 201 Main Street, Lake Placid, New York, as the "John A. "Jack" Shea Post Office Building" H.R.1366, designate the United States Post Office building located at 3101 West Sunflower Avenue in Santa Ana, California, as the...
  • S.Con.Res.118, the Adjournment resolution S.Con.Res.109, a concurrent resolution to commemorate the independence of East Timor S.Res.274, a resolution concerning the 2002 World Cup and Co-hosts Republic of Korea and Japan S.Res.278, a resolution calling upon Americans to recognize Memorial Day...
  • H.R.4782, a short term extension (until June 14, 2002) of the Ex-Im Bank H.R.4608, a bill to designate a medical center in Kansas as the "Robert J. Dole Veterans Medical Center" H.R.4592, a bill to designate the Bob Hope Veterans Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA S.1644, a bill to provide the protection...
  • S.Con.Res.115, a concurrent resolution expressing the Sense of Congress that all workers deserve fair treatment and safe working conditions S.Res.273, a resolution recognizing the centennial of the establishment of Crater Lake National Park
  • S.Con.Res.112, a concurrent resolution to designate the week beginning May 19, 2002, as "National Emergency Medical Services Week" S.Res.268, a resolution to designate May 20, 2002, as a day for Americans to recognize the importance of teaching children about current events
  • H.R.1840, a bill to extend eligibility for refugee status of unmarried sons & daughters of Vietnamese refugees
  • S.1372, Ex-Im Bank, go to conference -- appoint conferees (Sarbanes, Dodd, Johnson, Bayh, Gramm, Shelby and Hagel)
  • H.Con.Res.347, a resolution authorizing use of Capitol grounds on May 15, 2002, for a service honoring the National Peace Officers' Memorial
  • S.Con.Res.106, to correct the enrollment of H.R.3525, Border Security S.Res.261, a resolution commending the dedication and continued service to the nation during National Public Service Recognition Week S.Res.262, a resolution commending the University of Hawaii Warriors Men's Volleyball Team for...