About Chuck -Photo of Chuck Schumer as a Senator speaking at a rally

In 2016, U.S. Senator Charles Ellis "Chuck" Schumer became the first New Yorker to serve as Leader of the Democratic Caucus. And in 2021, Chuck became the first New Yorker to serve as Majority Leader. As senator, Chuck made it a hallmark of his career to protect the middle class and those working to reach it, and he continues that mission as leader of the Senate Democratic Majority.

Chuck was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY,where his dad owned a small exterminating business and his mom was a housewife. He attended public school and graduated from James Madison High School before heading to Harvard University, and then Harvard Law School. Chuck has two daughters, Jessica and Alison, and he still resides in Brooklyn with his wife, Iris Weinshall.

Archival photo of Chuck Schumer graduating from Harvard.

After graduating from Harvard Law School in 1974, Chuck was elected to the New York State Assembly,
where he soon made his mark with his trademark vigor and relentless advocacy.
In 1980, at 29, Chuck was elected as a congressman from the 9th Congressional District.

Archival photo of Chuck Schumer as a member of the House of Representatives

In 1998, Chuck was elected to the U.S. Senate; he became New York's senior senator when Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan retired in 2000. Chuck kicked off his first Senate term by announcing he would visit each of New York's 62 counties every year, a tradition he continues today to keep in touch with voters from every corner of the state.