TRANSCRIPT: On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Schumer Remembers Congressman Elijah Cummings; Says “Greatest Insult” In White House Meeting Was President Trump’s Lack Of Policy To Contain ISIS Fighters In Syria; Marks 1,000 Days Of Broken Promises Under The Trump Presidency

October 17, 2019

Schumer Statement Urging Leader McConnell To Bring The Bipartisan House-Passed Resolution Demanding President Trump Reverse Course In Syria To The Senate Floor

October 16, 2019

Senate Democratic Leaders Call Out Trump Administration For National Security Risks Of Diverting Anti-Taliban Funds To Border Wall

October 16, 2019

Op Eds

Schumer Op-Ed in New York Daily News - Gun sanity time in Washington: Chuck Schumer says Republicans must sign onto universal background checks

August 29, 2019

Schumer Op-Ed In The NY Times: Our Rights Hang In The Balance

July 2, 2018

Schumer Op-ed in USA Today: Donald Trump's Tax Reform is Nothing Like Ronald Reagan's

October 27, 2017


Schumer Floor Remarks On The Passing Of Congressman Elijah Cummings

October 17, 2019

Schumer Floor Remarks Urging Senate Republicans To Put Country Over Party And Not Pre-Judge Results Of Impeachment Inquiry; The Threat To National Security Posed By President Trump’s Decision To Withdraw From Syria; The Need For Senate Republicans To Work With Democrats To Pass Bipartisan Appropriations Bills; And Protecting Hard-Earned Pensions For American Workers

October 16, 2019

Schumer Floor Remarks On Developments in the House Impeachment Inquiry, Senate Democrats’ Plan To Force Leader McConnell And The Senate To Debate The Issues The American People Care About, And The Cost Of President Trump’s Reckless Decision-Making In Syria And Turkey

October 15, 2019


acrobatpension report
acrobatSenate Democrats Report: McConnell, Campaign Finance, And Election Security
acrobatSenate Democrats Report: McConnell, Campaign Finance, And Election Security


Big Companies Cash in on the #GOPTaxScam – Announce More Than $120 Billion in Share Buybacks in 2018

February 13, 2018

Less than fifty days into 2018, it’s increasingly obvious that the GOP Tax Scam overwhelmingly benefits corporate executives and wealthy shareholders while the middle class gets left behind. Last week, Senate Democrats released a special report on the real impact of the GOP Tax Scam. As one economics professor said, “The only benefit of share buybacks is to people who are in the business of selling shares: executives.” Since then, corporations have announced tens of billions in additional corporate share buybacks - more than $120 billion in total. … more...

In Wake of Republicans’ Massive Corporate Tax Giveaway, Corporations Have Laid Off Thousands of American Workers, Lined Corporate Executives’ Pockets with More than $50 Billion in Announced Share Buybacks in First Days of 2018

February 1, 2018

In the wake of Republicans’ massive corporate tax giveaways, big banks, oil and tobacco companies, and other corporations have announced more than $50 billion on stock buybacks in the first days of 2018. These buybacks flow directly to the pockets of corporate executives - not American workers. Since the Senate Republican tax bill passed in December, corporations have authorized $136 billion on corporate share buybacks. Big Corporations have pocketed their windfalls and laid off American workers. As one economics professor told the Financial Times this week, “The only benefit of share buybacks is to people who are in the business of selling shares: executives.”… more...

The American People Still Overwhelmingly Oppose the #GOPTaxScam – Here’s Why.

January 12, 2018

LATimes: "With every passing day, it becomes clearer who's reaping the benefit of the huge tax cut handed over to American corporations by the Republican-dominated Congress in December. Spoiler alert: Not workers or customers, but shareholders, especially the rich ones."… more...