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  • S.1634, Court jurisdiction outside Katrina-affected areas H.R.3650, Court jurisdiction outside Katrina-affected areas H.R.804, Flood Insurance Program
  • S.Res.235, a resolution to permit Senators, staff and officers to accept non-monetary donations for victims of Hurricane Katrina
  • S.Con.Res.52, a concurrent resolution permitting the use of the catafalque for services connected with the memorial for the late honorable William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States
  • H.R.3645, Emergency Supplemental Appropriations -- Hurricane Disaster Relief
  • H.Con.Res.226, a concurrent resolution to correct the enrollment of H.R.3, the Highway bill H.R.3512, a temporary extension of the Highway bill (to August 14, 2005) S.172, Contact Lenses S.501, Women's History Museum H.R.1132, to provide for the establishment of a controlled substance monitoring...
  • S.792, Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Database Act (with Dorgan amendment) H.J.Res.59, Women's Suffrage S.Res.222, a resolution to honor the victories of Team Discovery and American cyclists Lance Armstrong and George Hincopie S.Res.223, a resolution supporting the goals and ideals of...
  • H.R.3423, Medical Devices User Fees S.302, NIH Foundation S.655, CDC National Foundation S.447, Jornada Experimental Range Land Transfer S.1517, Women's Business Centers Sustainability Grants S.Res.216, a resolution relating to the Greatest Generation Homecoming S.Res.217, a resolution to designate...
  • S.203, Sodum Royalty (with amendment which includes the text of S.63, S.163, S.200, S.204, S.249, S.48, S.175, S.322, S.429, S.825, S.1121, H.R.412, H.R.694, H.R.938 (Titles II and III)) S.47, Santa Fe Forest Lands S.153, Run of the Valley Corridor S.212, Valles Caldera Preservation S.225, Avalanche...
  • S.Res.210, a resolution expressing sympathy for the people of Egypt in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks on Sharm el-Sheik
  • S.Res.205, a resolution honoring the life and legacy of Constantino Brumidi and recognizing his contributions
  • H.R.3337, extension of the Highway bill to July 27, 2005 H.Con.Res.202, authorizing the use of the Rotunda on July 26, 2005 for a ceremony honoring Constantino Brumidi on the 200th Anniversary of his birth S.Res.203, a resolution commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the creation of the Veterans...
  • H.R.3332, 2-day Extension of the Highway Authorization S.Res.202, a resolution relating to Sudan S.Res.31, a resolution desginating the week of August 7, 2005 as "National Health Centers Week" S.45, a bill relating to patient limitation on prescribing drug addiction treatmetns
  • S.Con.Res.26, a concurrent resolution to honor and memoralize the passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight #93 S.Res.199, Legal Counsel Representation S.Res.200, a resolution honoring the lige of Jack St. Clair Kilby (Nobel Laureate)
  • S.1413, a bill to redesignate the Crowne Plaza in Kingston, Jamaica, as the Colin L. Powell Residential Plaza
  • S.335, a bill to reauthorize the Congressional Award Act
  • S.1395, Controlled Substances Export Reform Act of 2005 H.R.3071, Office of Compliance Term of Office for certain officials S.Res.173, a resolution expressing support for the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 as the blueprint for lasting peace in Northern Ireland
  • S.Res.196, a resolution welcoming the Prime Minister of Singapore on the occasion of his visit to the United States
  • S.Res.194, a resolution regarding the death of former Senator Gaylord Nelson
  • S.Res.186, a resolution relating to victims of genocide in Darfur, Sudan S.Res.187, a resolution to permit filming of Senate Chamber for historic documentary of Capitol S.Res.188, legal counsel representation S.1368, a bill to reauthorize the U.S. Parole Commission and Sentencing Commission S.1275,...
  • H.R.2985, Legislative Branch Appropriations bill (with Lott-Dodd amendment) H.R.3021, 3-Month Extension of TANF H.R.3104, Extension of Highway bill to July 19, 2005 H.Con.Res.198, Adjournment Resolution