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Schumer Statement On President Trump’s Decision To Lift Sanctions Against Turkey

Washington, D.C. – Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer today released the following statement after President Trump announced his latest nonsensical and counterproductive foreign policy decision to lift sanctions against Turkey:

“President Trump’s latest announcement that he will lift sanctions on Turkey after despots like Assad, Erdogan, and Putin already got everything they wanted is another nonsensical and counterproductive foreign policy decision. President Trump’s announcement includes no plan to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS or an explanation of how he will contain the ISIS jailbreak precipitated by his rash decision to withdraw from Northern Syria. The notion that the United States should trust Turkey, which has already showed a willingness to ignore President Trump, to now secure ISIS fighters and sympathizers is delusional and dangerous.

“President Trump’s weakness in the face of strongmen and his reckless decision-making is putting the lives of our allies, Americans, and our national security at risk.

“Furthermore, Secretary Pompeo has refused to brief all senators on the situation in Syria and how the Trump administration is working to defeat ISIS. The only explanation for Secretary Pompeo’s prolonged absence is that he has no plan to share.”