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  • S.Res.314, a resolution designating Thursday, November 17, 2005, as "Feed America Thursday" S.Res.315, a resolution to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of the arrival of Lewis & Clark at the Pacific Ocean S.Res.252, a resolution recognizing the bicentennial anniversary of Sebulon...
  • S.Res.305, a resolution relating to Veterans Day S.Res.306, a resolution recognizing that Veterans Day is a day to honor all veterans of the Army and to support the Army Freedom Team Salute Mission S.Res.307, Filipino War Veterans recognition S.Res.308, a resolution designating 2006 as the "Year of...
  • S.1988, a bill to authorize the transfer of items in the War Reserves Stockpile for Allies, Korea
  • H.R.3339, an act to designate the James T. Molloy Post Office Building in Buffalo, NY H.R.2490, an act to designate the "Mayor Joseph S. Daddona Memorial Post Office in Allentown, PA H.R.797, Indian Housing Projects (with Enzi amendment) S.1713, Iran Non-Proliferation (concur in House amendment)
  • S.Res.299, a resolution to express support for the goals of National Adoption Month S.Res.300, a resolution relative to the death of Henry Ku'ualoha Giugni, former Seargeant-at-Arms of the United States Senate
  • S.Res.295, a resolution relating to the arrest of Sanjar Umarov in Uzbekistan S.Res.296, a resolution to honor the life of Dr. Richard Smalley S.Res.297, a resolution marking the dedication of the Gaylord Nelson Wilderness within the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
  • H.R.2967, an Act to name the federal building at 333 Mt. Elliott in Detroit, Michigan as the "Rosa Parks Federal Building" S.Con.Res.56, a concurrent resolution expressing appreciation for the contribution of Chinese art and culture
  • S.Res.255, a resolution recognizing the achievements of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Waterfowl Population Survey
  • S.Con.Res.61, a concurrent resolution to authorize the remains of Rosa Parks to lie in honor in the Rotunda of the Capitol S.Res.289, a resolution to honor "Shoeless" Joe Jackson on his accomplishments in baseball S.Res.290, a resolution honoring the life of former Congressman Edward...
  • S.1285, a bill to designate the Rosa Parks Federal Building (with Warner amendment) S.Res.282, a resolution supporting goals and ideals of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month S.Res.288, a resolution recognizing the life and accomplishments of Wellington Mara
  • S.Res.286, a resolution commending the Grand Ole Opry on the occasion of the 80th Anniversary S.443, Criminal Antitrust Offenses S.Res.287, a resolution honoring the life of Rosa Parks
  • H.R.1409, an Act for Assistance for Orphans and other vulnerable children in developing countries S.1382, Land Conveyance to benefit Puyallup Indian Tribe
  • S.Res.284, a resolution to authorize the taking of pictures in the Senate Chamber of use by the C.V.C. S.Res.285, a resolution recognizing the efforts and contributions of outstanding national hispanic scientists
  • S.Res.260, a resolution calling for free and fair parliamentary elections in the Republic of Azerbaijan S.1905, a bill to clarify Foreign Service Grievances Board Procedures
  • S.1894, Therapeutic Foster Care Technical H.R.3971, Medicare Cost Sharing (concur in House amendment to the Senate amendment) S.1736, Judicial Branch Employees Leave Transfer S.Res.280, a resolution relating to supporting the goals and ideals of "Lights on After School" S.Res.281, a resolution to...
  • S.Res.276, a resolution to prohibit the dangerous practice of a technique known as "rebirthing" S.Res.278, a resolution designating October 23-29, 2005 as "National Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Week" S.Res.277, a resolution supporting the goals of Red Ribbon Week S.Res.225, a resolution to...
  • S.Res.274, a resolution expressing support for the victims of the South Asia earthquake
  • S.1858, Disaster Assistance Loans - Katrina S.Res.237, a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate on reaching an agreement on the future status of Kosovo S.Res.272, a resolution relating to honoring the life and achievements of Constance Baker Motley S.Res.271, a resolution to designate the...
  • S.Res.266, a resolution to designate the month of October 2005 as "Family History Month" S.Res.267, Legal Counsel Representation
  • S.392, a bill to authorize a Congressional Gold Medal to the Tuskegee Airmen S.1197, Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization (with Specter amendment) S.Res.264, a resolution to express sympathy for the people of Indonesia in the aftermath of the deadly bombing in Bali on October 1, 2005