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  • H.Con.Res.316, Adjournment Resolution S.Con.Res.71, Use of the Rotunda S.Res.485, Howard Metzenbaum S.Res.486, X-Prize Foundation S.Res.487, National Rehabilitation Counselors Appreciation Day S.Res.488, National Safe Place Week S.Res.489, Public Radio Recognition Month
  • S.2745, Farm bill extension through April 18.
  • S.2516, a bill to assist members of the Armed Forces in obtaining U.S. citizenship H.Con.Res.270, a concurrent resolution to correct the enrollment of H.R.1593, the Second Chance Act H.R.1593, the Second Chance Act S.Res.390, a resolution designating March 11, 2008, as National Funeral Director and...
  • S. Con Res.66, Kingdom of Thailand S. Res.178, Guatemala
  • S.2733, a bill to temporarily extend the programs under the Higher Education Act (Extends until April 30, 2008) S.Res.476, a resolution designating March 25, 2008 as Greek Independence Day
  • S.Res.475:a resolution congratulating Iowa State University of Science and Technology on its 150 years of leadership and service to the United States and the world as IowaKs land grant university Nomination of Hector E. Morales, Ambassador to the Organization of American States
  • S.Res.455, a resolution calling for peace in Darfur H.Con.Res.289, a concurrent resolution honoring and praising the NAACP on the occasion of its 99th anniversary S.Res.462, a resolution designating the first week of April 2008 as "National Asbestos Awareness Week" S.Res.473, a resolution...
  • S.Res.467, a resolution honoring the life of Myron Cope S.Res.471, a resolution designating March 1, 2008 as "National Glanzmannis Thrombasthenia Awareness Day" S.Res.472, a resolution commending the employees of the Department of Homeland Security
  • Confirmation of the nomination Mark R. Filip, to be Deputy Attorney General
  • S.2146, a bill to authorize the Administration of the Environmental Protection Agency to accept, as part of a settlement, diesel emission reduction Supplemental Environmental Projects S.Res.466, a resolution honoring the life of William F. Buckley S.Res.96, a resolution expressing the sense of the...
  • H.R.5264, Andean Trade Preference Act (Extends until December 31, 2008) H.R.5478, a bill to provide for the continued minting and issuance of certain $1 coins in 2008 Star Print S.22, Post 9-11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2007
  • S.2450, a bill to amend the Federal Rules of Evidence to address the waiver of the attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine
  • S. Res.458, a resolution commemorating the victims of the Northern Illinois University shooting S. Res.460, Legal Counsel Representation
  • H.R.1216, Kids and Car Safety Act S. Res.444, with an amendment to the preamble, a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate regarding the strong alliance that has been forged between the United States and the Republic of Korea S. Res.439, a resolution expressing the strong support of the Senate...
  • H.R.5270, FAA Extension (Extends FAA fees through June 30, 2008 and contract authority through July 1, 2008) S.Res.452, a resolution commemorating the 250th anniversary of the naming of Pittsburgh S.Res.453, a resolution recognizing February 20, 2008 as the 100th anniversary of Abraham Baldwin...
  • S.Res.448, a resolution making Minority party committee appointments
  • S.2071, Combat Methamphetamine Enforcement Act, with Feinstein substitute amendment S. Res.446, a resolution relative to the death of Representative Tom Lantos, of California
  • S.Res.432, a resolution urging the international community to provide the United Nations-African Union Mission in Sudan with essential tactical and utility helicopters S.Con.Res.67, a concurrent resolution establishing the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies S.Con.Res.68, a...
  • H.R.3541, the Do Not Call Enhancement Act
  • S.2457, a bill to provide for extension of leases of certain land by Mashantucket Pequot (Western) Tribe S.Res.434, a resolution designating the week of February 10-16, 2008, as "National Drug Prevention and education Week" S.Res.443, a resolution designating February 2008 as "Go Direct Month"