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Cloture filed on Haspell nomination / vote on MTP to Paul budget resolution @ 11:25am

Senator McConnell has filed cloture on Executive Calendar #847, the nomination of Gina Haspell, of Kentucky, to be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. There is an effort to complete action on the nomination today, and if not today, this week.
Senator Paul has made a motion to proceed to S.Con.Res.36 (5-year balanced budget). There are approximately 50 of the 90 minutes remaining in the order. If all time is used, the vote in relation to S.Con.Res.36 would begin at approximately 11:25am.

Before the end of the week (as early as today), Senator McConnell may file cloture on the Baiocco nomination (CPSC), the House message on VA Choice, 2 McWilliams nominations (FDIC), and the Evans nomination (Amb. To Luxembourg) for consideration next week.