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Senate Floor Wrap Up For Thursday, November 05, 2009

  • Passed S.806, Federal Executive Board Authorization Act (withdraw committe-reported substitute amendment, agree to Akaka-Voinovich substitute amendment)
  • Passed S.1860, a bill to permit each current member of the Board of Directors of the Office of Compliance for 3 terms
  • Adopted S. Res.342, a resolution recognizing National American Indian and Alsska Native Heritage Month
  • The Senate confirmed the following nominations:
  • Arturo Valenzuela, Assistant Secretary of State--Western Hemisphere Affairs
  • Rolena Klahn Adorno, Member National Council on the Humanities
  • Marvin Krislov, Member National Council on the Humanities
  • Laurie Robinson--Assistant Attorney General
  • Benjamin Wagner, US Attorney Eastern District of California
  • Anne Ferro, Adm--Federal Motor Carrier Safety
  • Cynthia Quarterman, Adm, Pipeline Safety Administration
  • Elizabeth Robinson, CFO NASA
  • Patrick Gallagher, Director NIST
  • Susan Tsui Grundmann, Chair/Member Merit System Protection Board
  • Anne Marie Wagner, Member Merit systems Protection Board
  • Carmen Milagros Ortiz, US Attorney, Massachusetts
  • Edward Tarver, US Attorney, Southern District of Georgia