September 8, 2016 02:20 PM

McConnell files cloture on S.2848, WRDA; Monday amendment filing deadlines

During today's session, Senator McConnell filed cloture on Inhofe-Boxer substitute amendment #4979.

He then filed cloture on the underlying bill S.2848, the Water Resources Development Act.

The filing deadline for 1st degree amendments to the substitute and underlying bill is set for 3:30pm on Monday, September 12.

The cloture vote on the substitute amendment is expected to be at 5:30pm on Monday. If cloture is invoked, there would then be up to 30 hours of debate followed by a roll call vote on adoption of the amendment. The cloture motion on the underlying bill would then immediately ripen and the Senate would vote on the motion to invoke cloture on S.2848, as amended, if amended.