July 16, 2015 01:15 PM

Amendments agreed to by voice votes / Next votes at 1:45pm

The Senate agreed to the remaining pending amendments, including the Peters and substitute amendments, by voice votes.

At 1:45pm, there will be a cloture vote on S.1177, Every Child Achieves Act, as amended. If cloture is invoked, there will be 4 minutes for debate equally divided prior to a vote on passage of S.1177, as amended.

Amendments agreed to by voice vote:

  1. Hatch SA #2082 (early learning)
  2. Warren SA #2106 (literacy development)
  3. Schatz SA #2130 (assessments)
  4. Murphy SA #2186 (Promise Neighborhoods program)
  5. Nelson SA #2215, as modified (STEM)
  6. Manchin SA #2222 (substance abuse)
  7. Boozman SA #2231 (postsecondary education and workforce preparation)
  8. Baldwin SA #2188 (needs of all levels of schooling)
  9. Capito SA #2156 (State report card data)
  10. Thune SA #2232 (Project SERV grants)
  11. King SA #2256 (eligible tech and tech readiness)
  12. Schatz SA #2240 (Native American language)
  13. Warren SA #2249 (cross-tabulation of student data)
  14. Peters SA #2095 (financial literacy)
  15. Alexander SA #2089 (Substitute)