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10:45am vote series re: education

The Senate has resumed consideration of S.1177, Every Child Achieves Act of 2015, post cloture. Under the previous order, there will be a series of roll call votes beginning at 10:45am. The vote sequence can be found below. We expect roll call votes on Cruz SA #2180 through Casey SA #2242 and voice votes on the remaining amendments on the list, Hatch SA #2082 through Warren SA #2249. Another message will be sent if any further agreement is reached to complete action on the bill.

10:45am-at least 6 roll call votes expected:

  1. Cruz 2180 (State-determined assessment)
  2. Sanders SA #2177 (youth jobs) (60-vote threshold)
  3. Coons SA #2243 (American Dream accounts) (60-vote threshold)
  4. Burr SA #2247, as modified (formula)
  5. Brown SA #2100 (full-service community schools grant).
  6. Casey SA #2242 (universal pre-k) (60-vote threshold)
  1. Hatch SA #2082 (early learning)
  2. Warren SA #2106 (literacy development)
  3. Schatz SA #2130 (assessments)
  4. Murphy SA #2186 (Promise Neighborhoods program)
  5. Nelson SA #2215, as modified (STEM)
  6. Manchin SA #2222 (substance abuse)
  7. Boozman SA #2231 (postsecondary education and workforce preparation)
  8. Baldwin SA #2188 (needs of all levels of schooling)
  9. Capito SA #2156 (State report card data)
  10. Thune SA #2232 (Project SERV grants)
  11. King SA #2256 (eligible tech and tech readiness)
  12. Schatz SA #2240 (Native American language)
  13. Warren SA #2249 (cross-tabulation of student data)