May 27, 2010 05:30 AM

Senate Floor Schedule For Thursday, May 27, 2010

  • Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will resume consideration of HR4899, Emergency Supplemental Appropriations. There will be up to 20 minutes for debate prior to a series of votes.
  • The Senate has reached the following agreement.
  • The Senate is now voting on the DeMint motion to Suspend the rules in order to consider the DeMint amendment #4177. No amendment s are in order to the motion. Upon the use or yielding back of time, the Senate will proceed to vote with respect to the DeMint motion to suspend. If the DeMint motion to suspend is not agreed to, then no further amendments or motions on the subject of the DeMint motion be in order.
  • There will then be up to 2 minutes for debate equally divided between Senators Collins and Boxer prior to a vote in relation to the Collins amendment #4253 (EPA lead ruling). No amendments are in order to the Collins amendment prior to a vote.
  • Upon disposition of the Collins amendment, there will be up to 8 minutes for debate equally divided prior to a vote in relation to the following amendments:
  • Inouye #4299 (Filipino Veterans) - Burr #4273 (Filipino Veterans)
  • Upon disposition of the Inouye and Burr amendments, the remaining pending amendments will be withdrawn. No further amendments are in order, expect for a managers' amendment which has been cleared by the managers and leaders. If offered, the amendment will be considered and agreed.
  • All post-cloture debate time will be yielded back and without further intervening action or debate the substitute amendment, as amended, will be agreed to. The Senate will then proceed to vote on passage of HR4899, as amended.
  • Upon passage, the Senate will insist on its amendment, request a conference with the House on the disagreeing votes of the 2 houses, and the Chair authorized to appoint conferees on the part of the Senate, with the Appropriations Committee appointed as conferees.
  • The cloture motion on the bill is withdrawn.
  • After these votes, there will be no further votes this week. We expect the House to send us Tax Extenders in pieces late tonight. If that is the case, we would consider Extenders when we return on Monday, June 7th. Senators have expressed interest in considering amendments to the bill and we would not be able to reach an agreement this week.