May 26, 2010 05:30 AM

Senate Floor Schedule For Wednesday, May 26, 2010

  • Resume consideration of HR4899, Emergency Supplemental Appropriations.
  • 1pm filing deadline for first degree amendments.
  • The following amendments are pending to HR4899: - Reid #4147 (text of S.3194, Public - Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act) - Session #4173 (discretionary spending caps) - Wyden #4183 (secret holds) - Feingold #4204 (Afghanistan drawdown) - McCain #4214 (National Guard troops to US-Mexico border) - Cornyn #4202, as modified (Border Security) - Lautenberg amendment #4175, as modified (oil spill reimbursement) - Cardin #4191 (OCS leasing prohibition) - Kyl #4228, as modified ($200 million for courthouses in Arizona) to Cornyn #4202, as modified - Coburn #4232 (offsets including disposal of real property and uncommitted Federal funds) - Coburn #4231 (offset with spending cuts) - Landrieu #4179 (Small Business Disaster Loans) - Landrieu #4180 (Defer Payments on Disaster Loans) - Landrieu #4184, as modified (Corps of Engineers dredging) - Landrieu #4213 (Coastal Impact Assistance Program) - Landrieu #4182 (Restoration Projects) - Landrieu #4234, (Technical Assistance Grants) - Ensign-Reid #4229 (C-130) - Ensign-Reid #4230, as modified (C-130H) - Isakson #4221(Atlanta flooding) - Collins #4253 (EPA lead paint ruling) - Menendez #4289 (oil liability)
  • The Senate has entered in to the following agreement that would provide for a series of votes around 10am tomorrow:
  • On Thursday, May 27, following any Leader time, the Senate will resume consideration of HR4899, Emergency Supplemental Appropriations. There will then be up to 20 minutes for debate in relation to the border security amendments. Senators McCain, Kyl, Cornyn, and Schumer will control 5 minutes each. Upon the use or yielding back of time, the Senate will then proceed to a series of votes in relation to the following amendments:
  • McCain #4214 (National Guard); - Kyl #4228, as modified (Courthouse funding); and - Cornyn #4202, as modified and amended, if amended (border security).
  • After the first vote in the sequence the remaining votes in this agreement will be 10 minute votes. If a point of order is made against any of the amendments listed above, a motion to waive will be considered made. If the waivers are successful the amendments will be considered agreed to. If they are not waived the amendment will be withdrawn.
  • There will then be up to 15 minutes for debate prior to votes in relation to the below listed amendments. Senators Feingold, Coburn, and Inouye will control 5 minutes each.
  • Feingold #4204 (report of Afghanistan drawdown); - Coburn #4231 (offset including real property); and - Coburn #4232 (offset with spending cuts).
  • No amendments to the amendments in this agreement are in order. Furthermore, the pending committee reported substitute amendment is not subject to any Rule 16 point of order. Upon disposition of the amendments listed in this agreement, the Senate will proceed to vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the committee-reported substitute amendment.
  • We expect the Senate to convene at 9:30am and thus these votes would begin around 10am.
  • Prior to entering this agreement, Senator Wyden asked that the agreement be modified to allow a vote on the Wyden Grassley amendment on secret holds. Senator Cochran objected on behalf of Senator DeMint.
  • Senator Merkley also asked that the request be modified to allow a vote on the Merkley amendment #4251. That request was also denied. Senator Merkley was granted consent to modify his submitted amendment #4251.