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Senate Floor Wrap Up For Tuesday, May 19, 2009

  • By unanimous consent, the Managers' amendment to HR627 was agreed to.
  • Adopted S.Res.152, (Rules/Judiciary funding)
  • The Senate agreed to the following amendments to HR2346 by unanimous consent:
  • Inouye amendment #1137 (technical-Air Force)
  • Passed Cal #49, HR131, Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act;
  • Adopted Cal #56, S.Res.49, Public Diplomacy;
  • Adopted S.Res.111, M.S. St. Louis;
  • Adopted S.Res.154, National Small Business Week.
  • By unanimous consent, the Senate confirmed the following nominations:
  • Kristina Johnson to be Under Secretary for the Department of Energy;
  • Steven Koonin to be Under Secretary for Science-Department of Energy;
  • Scott Harris to be General Counsel, Department of Energy;
  • Larry Echo Hawk to be Assistant Secretary Interior.