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Wrap Up for Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Roll Call Votes
  1. Enzi motion to disagree in the House amendment, agree to the request by the House for a conference on S.Con.Res.11, and authorize the Presiding Officer to appoint conferees; agreed to: 54-43
  2. Brown MTI (too big to fail); agreed to: 86-11
  3. Sanders MTI (postal service); agreed to: 85-11
  4. Burr MTI (student loans); agreed to: 97-0
  5. Warren MTI (student loans); not agreed to: 45-52
  6. Sanders MTI (social security); agreed to: 84-13
  7. Schatz MTI (same sex marriage); agreed to by voice vote
  8. Bennet MTI (climate change); agreed to by voice vote
  9. Fischer MTI (side by side to Mikulski); agreed to: 57-40
  10. Mikulski MTI (equal Pay for equal work); not agreed to: 44-53
  11. Fischer MTI (side by side with Murray); agreed to by voice vote
  12. Murray MTI (paid sick leave); agreed to by voice vote
  13. Murray MTI (eliminate sequestration); not agreed to by voice vote
  14. Stabenow MTI (Medicare cuts); not agreed to: 45-52
Legislative Business

Executive Business