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Wrap up for Friday, March 22-Saturday, March 23, 2013


1)      Ayotte amendment #158 (prohibits budget with revenue increase while unemployment is above 5.5%); Not Agreed To: 45-54

2)      Cruz amendment #202 (reserve fund to repeal PPACA and Education reconciliation) Not Agreed to: 45-54

3)      Murray amendment #439 (side by side to Crapo amendment #222) Agreed to: 99-0

4)      Crapo amendment #222 (reserve fund re: repeal tax increase under PPACA for low and middle income Americans) Not Agreed to: 45-54

5)      Shaheen amendment #438 (women's health) Agreed to: 56-43

6)      Fischer amendment #630 women's health-side-by-side to Shaheen) Not Agreed To: 44-55

7)      Menendez amendment #651 (hospital wage levels) Not Agreed To: 49-50

8)      Coburn amendment #409 (Medical Hospital Wage index) Agreed To: 68-31

9)      Whitehouse amendment #646 (side-by-side to Blunt) Not Agreed To: 41-58

10)  Blunt motion to waive Budget Act with respect to Blunt amendment #261 (carbon tax) Not Waived: 53-46 (60-affirmative votes required)

11)  Boxer amendment #622 (Keystone) Not Agreed To: 33-66

12)  Hoeven amendment #494 (Keystone) Agreed To: 62-37

13)  Enzi-Durbin amendment #656 to Durbin #578 (Marketplace fairness); Agreed To: 75-24

14)  Alexander #515 (school choice); Not Agreed To: 39-60

15)  Rubio motion to waive Budget Act with respect to Rubio amendment #292 (interstate abortions); Not Agreed To: 48-51 (60-affirmative votes required)

16)  Isakson #138 (biennial budget); Agreed To: 68-31

17)  Warner amendment #693 (estate tax); Agreed to: 80-19

18)  Thune amendment #307 (repeal estate tax) Not Agreed to: 46-53

19)  Burr motion to waive the Budget Act with respect to the Burr amendment #697 (no CPI/CPI alternative to Sanders) Not Waived: 45-54 (60-affirmative votes required)

20)   Paul amendment #263 (balanced budget) Not Agreed to: Not Agreed to: 18-81

21)  Vitter amendment #689 (too big to fail) Agreed to: 99-0

22)  Toomey amendment #535 (catastrophic health) Not Agreed to: 45-54

23)  Coats amendment #514 (mercury) Not Agreed to: 46-53

24)  Lee amendment #373 Not Agreed to: 46-53

25)  Johnson (WI) amendment #213 (Social Security/Medicare) Not Agreed to: 46-53

26)  Scott amendment #597 (federal workers-union fees) Not Agreed to: 43-56.

27)  Inhofe amendment #359 (green house gases) Not Agreed to: 47-52.

28)  Sessions amendment #614 (immigrants/health care) Not Agreed to: 43-56.

29)  Portman amendment #152 (medical malpractice reconciliation instructions) Not Agreed to: 43-56.

30)  Shelby amendment #340 (cost-benefit analysis of promulgated rules) Not Agreed to: 47-52.

31)  Ayotte amendment #136 (MEADS) Agreed to: 94-5.

32)  Crapo amendment #318 (mandatory healthcare savings) Not Agreed to: 47-52.

33)  Paul amendment #382 Not Agreed to: 26-72.

34)  Vitter amendment #526 (Voter ID) Not Agreed to: 44-54.

35)  Vitter amendment #338 (end Lifeline program for mobile phones) Not Agreed to: 46-53.

36)  Cruz amendment #471 (Egypt) Not Agreed to 25-74.

37)  Cruz amendment #702 (abortion) Not Agreed to 38-61.

38)  Lee amendment #673 (gun rights) Agreed to 50-49.

39)  Coburn amendment #416 Not Agreed to: 43-56.

40)  Coburn amendment #709 (duplication) Agreed to: 62-37.

41)  Portman amendment #154 (dynamic scoring) Agreed to: 51-48.

42)  Inhofe amendment #139 (UN Arms Trade Treaty) Agreed to: 53-46.

43)  Adoption of S.Con.Res.8, as amended Adopted: 50-49


Discharged the Commerce committee and adopted S.Res.37, a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate in disapproving the proposal of the International Olympic Committee Executive Board to eliminate wrestling from the Summer Olympic Games beginning in 2020.

Adopted S.Con.Res.11, the adjournment resolution.

Completed the Rule 14 process of S.649, the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013. (Reid)


Confirmed the following by voice vote:


#18 Ketanji Brown Jackson- to be United States District Judge for the District of Columbia

#19 Raymond P. Moore- to be United States District Judge for the District of Colorado

#20 Troy L. Nunley- to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of California

Confirmed the following by unanimous consent:


#55 to be Lieutenant General- Lt. Gen. John E. Hyten

#56 to be Lieutenant General- Maj. Gen. Tod D. Wolters



to be Major General-

Brigadier General John J. Broadmeadow

Brigadier General Herman S. Clardy, III

Brigadier General Lewis A. Craparotta

Brigadier General Robert F. Hedelund

Brigadier General Frederick M. Padilla

Brigadier General Michael A. Rocco

Brigadier General Vincent R. Stewart


#58 to be Vice Admiral- Rear Adm. Bruce E. Grooms

And all nominations placed on the Secretary's desk in the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps