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Senator Sessions objects to passage of S.1821, Philippines Charitable Giving

Senator Hirono asked unanimous consent that the Finance Committee be discharged from further consideration of S.1821, the Philippines Charitable Giving Assistance Act, and the Senate proceed to its immediate consideration. She then asked consent that a Hirono-Heller amendment, which is at the desk, be agreed to; that the bill, as amended, be read a third time and passed; further, that upon passage, the bill be held at the desk and that if the Senate receives a bill from the House, the text of which is identical to S.1821, as passed by the Senate, the Senate proceed to its immediate consideration; the bill be read three times and passed, without any intervening action or debate.  Finally, that action on the Senate bill then be vitiated and the Senate bill be indefinitely postponed and all motions to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table.

Senator Sessions objected.