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Wrap Up for Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Roll Call Votes
  1. Confirmation of Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State; confirmed: 56-43.
  2. Motion to table the motion to reconsider the vote on confirmation of the Tillerson nomination; agreed to: 55-43.
  3. Motion to proceed to Legislative Session; agreed to: 53-44.
  4. Shall the Journal stand approved to date; agreed to: 54-44.
  5. Motion to proceed to Executive Session to consider Calendar #11, Elisabeth DeVos, to be Secretary of Education; agreed to: 52-47.
  6. Motion to proceed to Legislative Session; agreed to: 55-42.
  7. Motion to proceed to H.J.Res.38 (CRA - streams); agreed to: 55-42.

Legislative Business

Adopted S.Res.40, designating the week beginning on February 5, 2017, as "National Tribal Colleges and Universities Week".

Adopted S.Res.41, raising awareness and encouraging the prevention of stalking by designating January 2017 as "National Stalking Awareness Month".

Began the Rule 14 process to place on the Legislative Calendar of Business S.274 (Feinstein).


No Executive Business