January 31, 2013 11:04 AM

Roll Call Votes in relation to H.R.325, Debt Limit

At 12:15pm today, the Senate will proceed to a roll call votes in relation to the Portman amendment #6 (dollar for dollar cuts - S.43 text) to H.R.325, Debt Limit. We expect this vote to be a motion to table.

At 2:15, there will be a series of 5 roll call votes in relation to the legislative items listed below.

-          (motion to table) Portman amendment #7 (government shutdown prevention - S.29 text);

-          (motion to table) Toomey amendment # 8 (full faith and credit);

-          (motion to table) Paul amendment #9 (prohibition of F-16s to Egypt);

-          (motion to table) Vitter motion to commit (spending cuts); and

-          Passage of H.R.325, as amended, if amended (Debt Limit).