January 29, 2015 09:51 AM

series of votes at 11:30am and 2:30pm, No roll call votes on Friday, Jauary 30

During leader remarks, Senator McConnell announced the Senate will be in session tomorrow, but there will be no roll call votes. The first vote of next week will be at 5:30pm on Monday, February 2. We expect to vote on passage of H.R.203, Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act, on Monday.

The Senate is in a period of morning business for 1 hour. The Democrats control the first 30 minutes and the Republicans control the final 30 minutes. Following morning business (10:50am), there will be 15 minutes for debate on S.1, Keystone, prior to a series of up to 7 roll call votes. We expect the first vote series to begin at approximately 11:05am. If cloture is invoked at the end of this series, there will be approximately 6 roll call votes at 2:30pm.

Approx: 11:05am-up to 7 roll call votes:

  1. Barrasso amendment #245 (tribal treaties)
  2. Cardin amendment #124 (tribal treaty requirements)
  3. Daines amendment #246 (SoS Land and Water Conservation Fund) -side by side to Burr amendment #92
  4. Burr amendment #92, as modified (Land and Water Conservation Fund)
  5. Vitter amendment amendment #80, as further modified (OCS)
  6. Udall #77 (renewable electricity standards)
  7. Cloture on S.1, Keystone

2:30pm-up to 6 roll call votes:

  1. Booker amendment #155 (new circumstances)
  2. Markey amendment #141 (delay effective date)
  3. Markey amendment #178 (oil spill liability trust fund)
  4. Cantwell amendment #131 (U.S. environmental laws)
  5. Boxer amendment #130 (permit savings clause)
  6. Passage of S.1, as amended, a bill to approve the Keystone pipeline