January 29, 2015 11:19 AM

Updated vote order--up to 6 votes at 11:30am

The order of the votes has changed. The first vote will be on the Daines amendment. The new order is listed below. After the cloture vote, we may vote on some of the remaining pending and germane amendments before lunch. The Vitter amendment was withdrawn.

Approx: 11:30am-up to 6 roll call votes (by consent, amendments pre-cloture are subject to a 60-affirmative vote threshold):

  1. Daines amendment #246 (SoS Land and Water Conservation Fund) -side by side to Burr amendment #92
  2. Burr amendment #92, as modified (Land and Water Conservation Fund)
  3. Udall #77 (renewable electricity standards)
  4. Barrasso amendment #245 (tribal treaties)
  5. Cardin amendment #124 (tribal treaty requirements)
  6. Cloture on S.1, Keystone

2:30pm-up to 6 roll call votes (post-cloture amendments are subject to a majority affirmative vote threshold):

  1. Booker amendment #155 (new circumstances)
  2. Markey amendment #141 (delay effective date)
  3. Markey amendment #178 (oil spill liability trust fund)
  4. Cantwell amendment #131 (U.S. environmental laws)
  5. Boxer amendment #130 (permit savings clause)
  6. Passage of S.1, as amended, a bill to approve the Keystone pipeline


  1. Vitter amendment amendment #80, as further modified (OCS)