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Amendments called up to S.1, Keystone pipeline

Several amendments have been called up to S.1, a bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. There are now 13 first degree amendments and the Murkowski substitute amendment pending. Senator Sanders attempted to call up an additional amendment, but Senator Murkowski asked that he wait until the Republicans were ready with their next amendment so that we can continue to offer amendments in an alternating fashion. Both sides are looking at the amendments that have been offered and discussions will be had on a path forward. Another message will be sent when any vote are scheduled.
  1. Murkowski amendment #2 (substitute)
  2. Vitter amendment #80, as modified (OCS)
  3. Sullivan amendment #67 (prohibit arming EPA)
  4. Cardin amendment #75 (local water supplier)
  5. Murkowski amendment #98 (Sense of Congress arctic region)
  6. Reed amendment #74 (LIHEAP)
  7. Flake amendment #103 (duplicative green building programs)
  8. Leahy amendment #30 (judicial review provision)
  9. Cruz amendment #15 (expedited export of natural gas to WTO)
  10. Whitehouse amendment #28 (camapign finance disclosure)
  11. Moran amendment #73 (prairie chicken
  12. Carper amendment #120 (8 centper barrel gas excise tax for land and water conservation fund)
  13. Daines amendment #132 (Sense of Congress national monuments)
  14. Markey amendment #25 (tar sands excise tax)