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Series of 6 votes at 3:15pm--Keystone amendments

The Senate has reached an agreement that results in a series of up to 6 roll call votes beginning at 3:15pm today. The time until 3:15pm will be equally divided in the usual form. Each amendment is subject to a 60-affirmative vote threshold. Please note that the order of the amendments has changed from the previous message. The Hoeven and Schatz amendments will be voted on last in the series. The order is as follows:
  1. Lee amendment #33 (endangered Species Act)
  2. Durbin amendment #69 (petroleum-Coke)
  3. Toomey amendment #41 (standards for coal refuse power plants)
  4. Whitehouse amendment #29 (climate change)
  5. Hoeven amendment #87, as modified (SoS on climate change as a side-by-side to Schatz amendment #58)
  6. Schatz amendment #58 (climate change)

Each vote after the first will be 10 minute votes .There will be 2 minutes for debate between each vote.