Schumer Statement On Upcoming Senate Coronavirus Oversight Hearings

May 1, 2020

Brooklyn, NY – Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer today released the following statement on Senate Republicans failing to schedule key bipartisan coronavirus oversight hearings next week requested by Democrats to hold the Trump administration accountable for the federal government’s COVID-19 pandemic response:

“The American people deserve to immediately hear from the administration’s top public health and economic officials on why we don’t have enough tests, why so many small businesses are having trouble accessing SBA assistance while larger and well connected businesses are getting help, why unemployment insurance checks are failing to get to workers, and how to protect frontline workers with the equipment they need during this crisis. It’s a positive step that Senate Republicans are following Senate Democrats’ calls and considering scheduling some oversight hearings in the coming weeks with key White House Coronavirus Task Force officials, Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci and Secretary Mnuchin and Federal Reserve Chair Powell, but it’s shameful these hearings won’t happen until mid-May at the earliest.

“Senate Republicans should be laser focused on the health and economic crises caused by COVID-19, not confirming right-wing judges or protecting big business from legal liability.”

Hearings Democrats Have Called For That Have Not Been Scheduled

  • Small Business Committee hearing with SBA Administrator Carranza on PPP program and EIDL grant and loan programs
  • Finance Committee Hearing with Labor Secretary Scalia on implementation of UI expansion
  • Banking Committee Hearing with Secretary Mnuchin and Fed Chair Powell on implementation and access to the Treasury and Federal Reserve lending facilities
  • Worker Safety Hearing with OSHA and other officials

Democrats have also submitted a list of additional oversight hearing topics for future weeks. You can find that document here.