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Schumer Statement On The FCC’s Official Repeal Of Net Neutrality

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer today released the following statement regarding the FCC’s official repeal of net neutrality rules and House Republican leaders’ refusal to schedule a vote on the bipartisan Senate passed-legislation to overturn the FCC’s decision:

“By refusing to bring up the Senate-passed resolution to restore net neutrality, which passed the Senate by a powerful bipartisan vote, House Republican leaders gave a green light to the big ISPs to charge middle-class Americans, small business owners, schools, rural Americans, and communities of color more to use the internet. That’s exactly why the entire Senate Democratic caucus sent a letter last week urging Speaker Ryan to schedule a vote immediately to save the internet.

“It's now as clear as day to every American that – with the exception of three Republicans in the Senate – their Republican representatives in the Congress chose to protect special interests and the biggest corporates over middle-class families, average consumers, entrepreneurs and anyone who relies on the free and open internet. Every Republican who opposed this vote will own any and all of the damaging consequences of the FCC’s horribly misguided decision.”