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Schumer Statement On The Confirmation Of Alvaro Bedoya To Serve As Commissioner On The Federal Trade Commission

Washington, D.C.   Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today released the following statement on the confirmation of Alvaro Bedoya to serve as Commissioner on the Federal Trade Commission:

“Alvaro Bedoya’s confirmation as a Commissioner on the Federal Trade Commission is good news for the American people and brings the agency back to full strength to enforce antitrust protections, fight against price gougers, market manipulators, and those trying to rip off American consumers,” said Leader Schumer. “Mr. Bedoya’s confirmation is pivotal to unshackling the FTC and fully examining record energy company profits and inflated prices at the pump. With the FTC at full membership, this important agency will be empowered to drive full steam ahead in cracking down on bad actor companies who are using anticompetitive practices, inflation, and price manipulation to bilk consumers and drive up profits.

“Finally, at a time when consumers need and want protection of their online data, we are confirming one of the most prominent experts in the country in Bedoya. The FTC can now take steps to ensure privacy protections for children and all Americans.”