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Schumer Statement On Senator McConnell’s Decision To Reconvene Senate To Confirm More Unqualified, Right-Wing Judges And Protect Big Businesses Over Workers

Brooklyn, NY – Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer today released the following statement regarding Leader McConnell’s decision to reconvene the Senate next week to confirm more unqualified, right-wing judges and protect big businesses over workers:

“The GDP just had its biggest drop since the Great Recession, the United States has surpassed one million confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, and we still don’t have adequate testing. Meanwhile, a top administration official is calling their dismal response to these public health and economic crises 'a great success story' and Senator McConnell is seemingly only interested in confirming more unqualified, right-wing judges and protecting CEOs instead of workers. 

“If the Senate is to return next week, we Democrats demand there be tough oversight of the administration’s dreadful response to this public health crisis and their lackluster implementation of the COVID-related legislation passed by Congress. Key administration officials must be forced to answer tough questions in public hearings about why the United States still does not have adequate testing, what is being done to protect workers, and why larger and wealthier businesses are getting preferential treatment over smaller businesses that have oftentimes suffered greater hardship.

“The American people are demanding answers and solutions—Senator McConnell ought to focus the Senate’s work on the crises caused by COVID-19, not right-wing judges or fulfilling his 'pre-existing partisan wish-list' of protecting big business from any harm done to the American people.”