Schumer Statement On Sen. McConnell Saying GOP Feels No Urgency To Act Immediately To Address Health And Economic Crises

May 11, 2020

Washington, D.C. – Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer released the following statement after Senator McConnell said that Senate Republicans have “yet to feel the urgency of acting immediately” to address the health and economic crises, despite record unemployment numbers and widespread reports of families going hungry and not being able to afford rent:

“For Senator McConnell to say Republicans have not ‘yet felt the urgency of acting immediately’ shows they are trapped in an alternate reality, letting ideology blind them to these health and economic crises.

“Has Senator McConnell seen the lines of hungry Americans waiting at food banks? Has Senator McConnell seen last week’s jobs report or heard the pleas of millions of families who are worried about paying their rent?

“Republicans need to stop watching the stock market or purposefully burying their heads in the sand and wake up to the dire economic reality tens of millions of Americans are facing.”