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Schumer Statement On President Trump Positive COVID Diagnosis

 Washington, D.C. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) today released the following statement in response to President Trump testing positive for coronavirus:

“I wish President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump and any White House staff members who are infected a speedy recovery. I join the nation in praying for the First Family's health and safety.

“The infection of the President, First Lady and a close aide require that the White House immediately conduct a contact tracing regime that follows CDC guidelines, as well as thorough testing and isolation for those who were exposed to infection risk.  This must include strict adherence to those guidelines for all of the White House staff members that the President, First Lady, and the aide came into contact with; and all of the people those individuals came into contact with whom experts deem at risk of exposure, and so forth. That includes Judge Amy Coney Barrett and anyone she was in contact with.  It must also include people in the Senate with whom those individuals came into contact with, and their contacts.  Though they have not done so in the past, the administration must now follow the science and all recommended health protocols in order to not put additional people at risk. And they must be completely transparent.

“This episode demonstrates that the Senate needs a testing and contact tracing program for Senators, staff, and all who work in the Capitol complex. We simply cannot allow the administration's cavalier attitude to adversely affect this branch of government. It is imperative that all results be made public in order to contain a possible outbreak and so we can determine the need for Senators and staff to quarantine or self-isolate.

“Finally, what happened to President Trump is a reminder of why the whole country, including Senators and staff, must follow the science and follow the protocols laid out by the CDC and public health officials. When you ignore the science, you don’t wear a mask, and you don’t follow social distancing guidelines, it puts you and everyone around you at risk. Following science is a must.”