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Schumer Statement On President Biden's First State Of The Union Address

Washington, D.C. — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) released the following statement after President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address:

“President Biden laid out a bold, strong and comprehensive vision that will resonate with the vast majority of Americans. The president focused on lowering costs, creating new jobs, and a brighter sunnier America, which is just what our country wants and needs.  I was very glad to see a large part of President Biden’s State of the Union address focus on fighting inflation and the rising cost of living. Democrats will work with him to bring these down for the American people as soon as possible.  

“Now as we turn the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic, Democrats are laser focused on lowering costs for Americans, from the grocery store to the gas pump to the pharmacy. By addressing the root causes of higher costs – supply chain disruptions and price gouging by greedy companies – the president’s plan is the right prescription to drive down costs and restore America’s sunny optimism.

“The president also stressed the importance of fighting COVID and asked Republicans and Democrats to join him in appropriately funding testing, treatments, therapeutics, and vaccines to contain and corral any new variant that might come. We hope Republicans will join us to accomplish this.  

“Yet as America is steadily getting back to normal we face the new, more dangerous threat of authoritarianism abroad. It was appropriate for Democrats and Republicans to recognize the outstanding job President Biden has done in Ukraine with many standing ovations. And now we must roll up our sleeves and work to contain an aggressive Russia and a vicious Putin. We should now come together on a bipartisan bill to aid Ukraine in their fight.

“In short, tonight President Biden showed America why they elected him. And Congressional Democrats will work to enact his broad, bold vision for our country’s future.”