Schumer Statement On New Data From National Archives That Reveals Senate Republicans Are Seeking To Withhold The Large Majority Of Judge Kavanaugh’s White House Records

August 2, 2018

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer today released the following statement following the release of new data from the National Archives regarding records held related to Judge Kavanaugh:

“The National Archives has confirmed that Senate Republicans are keeping a large majority of Judge Kavanaugh’s White House records hidden from the public.  This unprecedented suppression of what should be public records in connection with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is clearly intended to keep critical information from the American people, and leads unavoidably to the question:  What are President Trump and Senate Republicans hiding?”


National Archives and Records Administration“Below is a general description of the bodies of records in NARA’s holdings related to Judge Kavanaugh.  Please note that because the vast majority of these records have not been reviewed for release, these counts are only rough approximations, and could include non-responsive, non-record, and duplicate materials.  In addition, these estimates do not include emails in which Kavanaugh is only mentioned. Note also that NARA roughly estimates that email records in these collections (which frequently include attachments) average approximately five pages per email:

  • Presidential Records:
    • Nomination records: 3,700 pages
    • White House Counsel records:
      • Paper files:  60,000 pages
      • Emails Kavanaugh sent, received, or was copied or blind copied on:  170,000 files
    • Staff Secretary records:
      • Paper files:  560,000 pages
      • Emails Kavanaugh sent, received, or was copied or blind copied on:  475,000 files”

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