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Schumer Statement On HUD’s Release Of Hold On Puerto Rico Funds

Washington, D.C.— Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer released the following statement regarding news reports that the Trump administration would lift a hold on long delayed disaster relief funds for Puerto Rico from the Department of Housing and Urban Development:

“While the president has heeded our calls to lift the blockade on some of the disaster-aid funding for our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, it’s not nearly enough. We will continue to fight this administration’s unnecessary bureaucratic barriers from causing any further delay in disbursing these funds to Puerto Rico. We will also continue pushing for the additional appropriated funds that are still senselessly held up. These funds must be put to use as Congress intended: to rebuild the island. Now, in response to the spate of disastrous earthquakes, President Trump must quickly approve the governor’s request for FEMA’s comprehensive disaster assistance, which I fully support. There is no excuse for not doing all we can to help our fellow Americans confront and recover from disasters.”