Schumer Statement on Gun Safety Proposals and Legislation

February 21, 2018

Washington, D.C.  U.S. Senator ChuckSchumer today released the following statement regarding gun safety proposals and legislation:  

“Republicans in Congress and in the White House, led by President Trump, have held fast to the belief that better laws won’t curb the epidemic of gun violence in this country. That they are now reversing that belief and exploring policy changes to curb gun violence is a welcome shift.

“However, there are serious problems with the president’s approach. First, his own ATF agency has warned that it does not have the authority to ban bump stocks. The only way to close this loophole permanently is legislation. He should call on Congress to pass Senator Feinstein’s bill to ban bump stocks, rather than just draft memos. On far too many issues, this administration has been all talk and little action – we can’t afford that approach when it comes to curbing gun violence.
“Second, the legislation that the President has tentatively endorsed barely scratches the surface of our gun problem. The Fix NICS bill won’t come close to making a significant dent in the problem, and must be only the beginning of a legislative remedy that at a minimum fully strengthens and funds background checks, closes loopholes, and keeps guns away from those who shouldn’t have them.
“Lastly, we strongly urge our Republican colleagues in the Senate to avoid the cynical and dangerous approach that the House took with this legislation. House Republicans combined the Fix NICS bill with the NRA’s top priority, concealed carry reciprocity, creating legislation which would be even worse than the status quo. Republicans in the Senate must avoid making the same mistake as their House colleagues and should instead work with Democrats to pass real gun safety solutions.”