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Schumer Statement On GOP-Requested Fake CBO Score

Washington, D.C.   Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer released the following statement today after the CBO published a new score requested by Republicans that does not take into account the fact that Democrats have committed to fully offsetting any future extensions of the Build Back Better Act:

“The Republicans are so desperate to justify their opposition to the popular, much-needed provisions in the Build Back Better Act that they’ve resorted to requesting fake scores based on mistruths. The Republican-requested fake CBO score does not take into account the fact that President Biden and Democrats have committed that any extensions of the Build Back Better Act in the future will be fully offset, therefore ensuring BBBA will not increase the deficit. CBO has confirmed to my office – and I expect them to make public this afternoon - that Republicans did not include this important fact in their request, further showing the GOP’s fake CBO score request is nothing more than a partisan attempt to mislead the public.

“No amount of partisan trickery from Republicans will change the fact that their tax cuts for the rich bill added nearly $2T to the deficit while Democrats are fighting to pass legislation to lower costs, create good-paying jobs and cut taxes for working families, while making sure the biggest corporations and wealthiest few pay their fair share.”