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Schumer Statement Following Meeting With President-Elect Biden’s Intended Nominee For Transportation Secretary

Washington, D.C. —  Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) released the following statement today regarding his virtual meeting with President-elect Biden’s intended nominee for Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg:

“Today I had a very productive conversation with President-elect Biden’s outstanding nominee for Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg. As a former mayor, Pete will bring to the role a wealth of experience in policies that make much needed improvements to our country’s infrastructure, rebuilding local communities and creating economic opportunity.

“We discussed the need to finally deliver on a big, bold infrastructure agenda that centers on jobs, equity, and climate, and includes my Clean Cars for America proposal, which would rapidly accelerate our transition to clean vehicles while creating millions of good manufacturing and infrastructure jobs. We discussed how my plan aims to spur a transformation in American car manufacturing and invests in a charging infrastructure across the country.

“We also discussed my Economic Justice Act, including working with labor and local communities to use local hire programs to ensure disadvantaged and underrepresented populations have access to good infrastructure jobs. In addition, I shared the need to work together on prioritizing federal investment for projects that begin to right the wrongs of past federal policy that displaced, physically isolated, and stripped wealth from low-income communities and communities of color.

“Lastly, we discussed several crucial New York specific projects, including one of the most important infrastructure projects in the country, the Gateway Program and DOT’s role in helping secure the future for the entire Northeast Corridor.

“With the coronavirus pandemic upending our economy, including areas of the transportation sector like airlines and hard hit public transit systems, Pete and I discussed the need to continue delivering relief to workers in those industries in future COVID-19 relief legislation. I am thrilled to finally have a willing and effective ally in the administration and White House who will work with Congress to use transportation projects as an opportunity to create jobs, grow our economy, and address the climate crisis.”