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Schumer Secures Commitments From New Election Committee Of Postal Board Headed By Democratic Appointee Lee Moak To Issue Report In Two Weeks; Committee Has Mandate To Oversee USPS Plan To Deliver Election Mail And Hold DeJoy Accountable

Schumer Secured Commitment From Lee Moak, Top Member Of Brand New Postal Board Of Governors Election Mail Committee, To Deliver An ‘Election Mail Report’ To Congress In Two Weeks

Top Member Of New Postal Board Committee Tells Schumer Election Mail Committee Will Brief Top Democratic Senators Weekly On Preparations For Nationwide Surge In Voting By Mail

Schumer Says DeJoy Has Lost Credibility; Strong Oversight By The Board Of Governors Is Necessary To Hold DeJoy Accountable And Repair Damage To USPS

New York, NY – Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer at a press conference in New York City today outlined critical commitments he received from Lee Moak, a member of the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors and Chairman of the Board’s new Election Mail Committee, to ensure accountability and to protect the Post Office’s vital role in supporting every state’s election.

“In the past several days, Postmaster DeJoy has had to walk back some of his efforts to undermine and dismantle the post office ahead of the November election, but today we are here to say: actions speak louder than words and that those actions will come from sharp oversight,” said Leader Schumer. “There will be no rubber stamp on the Postmaster’s talking points, because, quite frankly, he has lost credibility in Congress and with the American people. That is why I am demanding a report be handed to Congress in two weeks that outlines just how election mail will be delivered on time. We have to protect the election, the mail itself, and hold this postmaster accountable, which is what I told the Chairman of the new Election Mail Committee must be accomplished.”

Commitments Leader Schumer Secured

1)     The bipartisan Election Mail Committee will issue a report to Congress within 2 weeks on the status of plans to support the November elections.

2)     The Committee will provide weekly briefings for top Senate Democrats.

“I spoke with Governor Moak yesterday on my request for a report—we’ll get one,” Schumer said. “Congress will use that report to insure that the Postal Service has every resource it needs to protect and deliver election mail and hold DeJoy and the Board accountable. The bottom line here is that with the Postal Service still enveloped in crisis and oversight will be key to repairing the damage DeJoy has already done.”

This week, the Postal Service announced an immediate suspension of disastrous new initiatives implemented by Postmaster General DeJoy after weeks of public outcry due to significant delays in mail delivery that threatened to undermine the November election. The Postal Service recently warned 46 states and the District of Columbia that general election ballots sent by mail may not arrive in time to be counted. The Postal Service Board of Governors on Friday, announced the creation of a new bipartisan Election Mail Committee to oversee the USPS’ support of mail-in voting. The committee is chaired by USPS Gov. Lee Moak, who will be joined on the committee by USPS Gov. Ron Bloom and Gov. John Barger.

 The USPS Board says that the Election Mail Committee will use its oversight role to reinforce the strong commitment of the Postal Service to the mail as an important part of the nation's democratic process, and will regularly monitor execution of USPS's work on election mail to ensure that their part of this election process is implemented in the most effective way possible. Leader Schumer says these actions will serve as a check on Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who has lost credibility with Congress and the American people.