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Schumer Calls On DeJoy To Outline In Writing Exact Policies USPS Will Reverse And Confirm That Mail-In Ballots Will Continue To Receive Priority

Washington, D.C.—Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today released the following statement after a phone call with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy during which he called on the Postmaster General to outline the precise policies he intends to reverse and to confirm that the USPS will continue treating mail-in ballots as First Class mail:

“I just spoke to Postmaster General DeJoy and I told him there’s a lot of mistrust because of statements he and the president have made about cutbacks in mail delivery during COVID and about mail-in voting through Election Day.

“I told Mr. DeJoy I want a specific, written document from him outlining exactly what changes he is rescinding, which reforms will remain, and an explicit confirmation that all election mail will continue to be treated as First Class priority. He said he would give me a written response shortly.

“We cannot allow two things as sacred to our country as the Post Office and our elections to be undermined.”