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Schumer Announces Opposition To Nomination Of Brian Miller To Be Special Inspector General For Pandemic Recovery

Washington, D.C. – Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer today released the following statement following his phone conversation with Brian Miller, President Trump’s nominee to be inspector general for pandemic recovery:

“Having a genuine watchdog to oversee the Trump administration’s use of unprecedented levels of taxpayer funds in this pandemic is critically important. In my call with Mr. Miller, he did not convince me that he had the necessary independence to do this job. Mr. Miller refused to provide any sense of his work or responsibilities in the White House counsel’s office and refused even to say whether President Trump was right or wrong to fire a rash of inspectors general in recent weeks. Mr. Miller’s inability to demonstrate independence from his current employer, and speak out when he sees actions from administration officials that are clearly out of bounds, is deeply troubling given that this president seems to demand blind loyalty from federal inspectors general.  For those reasons, I will oppose Mr. Miller's nomination. It will be up to him to prove me wrong.”