Schumer Again Calls On Senate Republicans To Meet Democrats In The Middle To Reach A Compromise On A COVID Relief Bill That Can Become Law

September 14, 2020

“After Senate Republicans spent four months dithering and delaying, last week Leader McConnell pushed a partisan, ‘emaciated’ COVID relief bill that was designed to fail. And fail it did. Now it is time for Senate Republicans to wake up to the gravity of the crisis in our country and work with Democrats on a comprehensive bill that delivers real help to Americans. Speaker Pelosi and I have already come down $1 trillion from our initial request. Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans must drop the cynical, political games, and instead work with Democrats to find common ground and reach a compromise.

“If Republican leadership lets the 20 members of their caucus who don’t want to spend another nickel on relief dictate their party’s agenda, it will block the path to a compromise, and Republicans will have to answer to the American people.”