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Majority Leader Schumer Statement On Supreme Court’s Disappointing And Cruel Decision Denying Student Loan Aid To Millions Of Americans

New York, N.Y. – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today released the following statement on the Supreme Court decision in Biden v. Nebraska that blocks student loan aid to millions of Americans. Below is Senator Schumer’s statement:

“This disappointing and cruel ruling shows the callousness of the MAGA Republican-controlled Supreme Court. The hypocrisy is clear: as justices accept lavish, six-figure gifts, they don’t dare to help Americans saddled with student loan debt, instead siding with the powerful, big-monied interests.

“The fight will not end here. The Biden administration has remaining legal routes to provide broad-based student debt cancellation. With the pause on student loan payments set to expire in weeks, I call upon the administration to do everything in its power to deliver for millions of working- and middle-class Americans struggling with student loan debt.”