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Majority Leader Schumer Statement Marking Six Months Of Captivity For Hostages Taken By Hamas

New York, N.Y. – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today released the following statement to remember the hostages who are still being held on the six month anniversary of the brutal attack by Hamas on Israel:

“It has been six months since Hamas’s horrific and brutal attack on Israel on October 7th that killed more than 1,200 Israelis. The viciousness of that attack remains ever present in our minds.

“Today, we remember those who still remain in captivity at the hands of Hamas.

“For the last six months, I have worked side by side with the families to help secure the safe release of the hostages cruelly held by Hamas. Each day that their loved ones don’t come home carries indescribable anguish and grief.

“I am working in every way I can to support the Biden administration as negotiations continue to free every last one of the hostages. I urge every actor at the table — the Israelis, the Biden Administration, the Qataris, the Egyptians, and anybody else at the table — to continue doing everything possible to secure a deal to free the hostages. There is no time to waste. 

“Hamas has already been given a negotiated deal. Today, there is only one obstacle standing in the way of a hostage deal, and that obstacle is Hamas. They should say yes and free the remaining hostages.

“I will continue working for as long as it takes with the families of those unjustly taken and held hostage by Hamas, with the Biden administration, and with others until we finally bring back every last hostage—and the remains of the hostages who are no longer with us—home at last.”