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Majority Leader Schumer Statement Following A Republican Activist Judge’s Ruling To Deny Millions of Americans Access To Preventative Care

Washington, D.C.  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today released the following statement following a federal judge in Texas blocking the Affordable Care Act’s mandate for preventative care like cancer screenings, mental health checks, colonoscopies, PrEP, and much more: 

“Yet again, a Republican activist judge has issued a ruling based on MAGA ideology and not the law, that would decimate our healthcare system and is opposed by a vast majority of Americans.

“This extreme ruling, in a case argued by some of the most extreme MAGA voices in the Republican Party, will deny Americans—including those with private insurance—access to preventive care like cancer screenings, mental health checks, colonoscopies, PrEP, and much more, leaving more than 100 million Americans—anyone with an employer-based or commercial insurance plan—facing the prospect of more expensive and worse health care.

“This ruling is not only misguided, it is outright dangerous and could cost lives. Whether it is attacking laws like this, taking away a woman’s right to choose or trying to gut Medicaid, Republicans must stop their non-stop onslaught on Americans’ health care.

“I call for an immediate appeal and stay of this injunction, as well as call on insurers to publicly commit they will retain free preventive care.”