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Majority Leader Schumer Statement After Convening Committee Chairs To Discuss Advancing Artificial Intelligence Legislation In The Senate

Washington D.C. – Following the release of the bipartisan AI Roadmap, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today released the following statement after convening the Chairs of Senate Committees to discuss the future of AI legislation:

“Today, I convened our Chairs to discuss advancing their work on Artificial Intelligence legislation in the Senate.

“Building on the release of our bipartisan AI working group roadmap, I urged our Chairs to report out legislation to harness innovation and implement vital policy reforms to democratize access to AI, curb harmful bias, counter deepfakes, protect and adapt the American worker for the AI age, while delivering key guardrails and sustainable innovations concerning explainability, transparency, interoperability, and other actions to reduce societal risks of AI.

“Ultimately, legislative progress will demand continued bipartisan collaboration, but our Committees are well on their way to making a critical down payment on AI legislation.”