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Majority Leader Schumer Floor Remarks On Senate Passage Of Bipartisan Postal Reform Legislation

Washington, D.C.   Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today spoke on the Senate floor on the passage of bipartisan postal reform legislation to ensure that Americans will continue to benefit from a speedy, dependable, and well-run Post Office. Below are Senator Schumer’s remarks:

Every day, the United States Postal Service faithfully delivers for the American people; today, the Senate is finally delivering for the Post Office.

Today we can happily say that the Postal Service reform is now signed, sealed and delivered for the American people. Because of today’s bill the Postal Service will be stronger, more efficient, and better able to serve more people, and we did it on a bipartisan basis.

For over a decade, the USPS—one of the most important institutions in American life—has been on an ominous trajectory: shrinking revenues, fewer delivery routes, and finances in desperate need of a revamp. These problems have led to late deliveries, reduced hours, and increased costs. And when the Postal Service suffers, America suffers.

Today, after much hard work, the Senate is providing the Postal Service a much-needed reset. The legislation we’re about to pass is the most significant step that Congress has taken in a long time to strengthen USPS. It will guarantee delivery services six days a week, put the Postal Service on a path to solvency, and will ensure that we care for our dedicated postal workers, all while saving dollars.

This postal reform bill is a win, win, win: a win for bipartisanship, a win for our postal workers, and most importantly a win for the tens of millions of Americans who rely on the Postal Service every single day, from seniors to veterans, to small businesses, to rural Americans, to everyone in between.

I want to really give a special shout-out to my colleagues who have made it possible for us to pass this bill: Senators Peters and Portman lead the charge. Senator Carper worked long in the vineyards on this bill. And so many others as well.

And of course, I want to thank the half-a-million postal workers who’ve kept our country going every single day, especially during the pandemic. While so many other services were shut down during COVID, the Post Office kept delivering goods and supplies and medicines across the economy. They’re public servants of the highest order.

So it’s a great day for our postal workers, and it’s a great day for the American people.

This bill has been over a decade in the works, and today, after so much work, we are all thrilled we have finally gotten it done.