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Majority Leader Schumer Floor Remarks On Continuing To Make Progress On President Biden’s Build Back Better Act

Washington, D.C.   Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today spoke on the Senate floor regarding moving forward with President Biden’s Build Back Better legislation. Senator Schumer reiterated his intention to have the Senate take action to debate and pass the Build Back Better legislation by Christmas. Below are Senator Schumer’s remarks, which can also be viewed here:

Before we hit Christmas Day, it is my goal to have the Senate take action to debate and pass President Biden’s Build Back Better legislation.

This week, Senate Democrats will focus on continuing to meet with the Parliamentarian so we can finish making the technical and procedural fixes necessary for reconciliation. Once that is complete, it will be time to bring Build Back Better here to the floor of the Senate.

I’ve said many times before that nobody should expect legislation of this magnitude to be easy. We’ve been at the task for several months.

But we need to take a step back and recognize that we are hopefully less than a month away from acting on the largest investment in the American people we’ve seen in generations.

Here's what we're going to do in this bill: lower the cost of child care, make pre-K universally accessible, cut taxes for parents and working and middle class families, and take the next bold step in our fight against the climate crisis.

All this we want to tackle before the Christmas break. So we will keep working this week and until we get it done.