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House Republicans’ Default On America (DOA) Act Is A Ransom Note To The American People – Suffer Our Radical, Right-Wing Agenda Or Suffer A Catastrophic Default; Democrats Won’t Allow It

House Republicans’ Default On America (DOA) Act gives Americans two awful choices. Either Americans suffer:

A Catastrophic Default: Unleashing economic calamity that will inflict massive job loss, higher prices and weaken America’s global standing;


A Radical, Right-Wing Agenda: Forcing an extremist policy agenda that will devastate our communities, weaken our national security and punish everyday Americans.

House Republicans are threatening to Default On America.

Because House Republicans know their agenda is wildly unpopular, the DOA ransom note was drafted in a backroom, with no hearings, no public debate and no transparency. Now they are threatening the American people and the American economy with the specter of default until they get their policy ransom.

According to Moody’s, the DOA’s extreme cuts would be devastating for short-term economic growth. Compared to simply avoiding default, the DOA would reduce our country’s GDP significantly and greatly increase the risk of a recession. And, if you look at the DOA over the next decade, results are even more devastating to all areas of American life.

Democrats won’t allow it – we will unmask exactly what the DOA would mean to the American people. The DOA would:

Default on America’s Law Enforcement & Border Security

The DOA guts federal, state and local police and border security.

·         Voting for this bill means cutting $8 billion from the Department of Justice (DOJ) in FY 2024 alone. Nearly 30,000 law enforcement jobs would be wiped out. Over the next decade, the cuts to DOJ would exceed $80 billion.

·         The DOA imposes radical cuts that would require the government to furlough every single border patrol agent this year. It would also cut over $6.4 billion in border security technology over the next decade. 

Default on Americans’ Health

The DOA abandons investment in key programs to improve Americans’ health.

·        DOA would put at risk health coverage for 21 million Americans, with “work requirements” policies that are proven to impose massive amounts of red tape and cost millions of people health care while doing nothing to increase employment rates. Hospitals, patient groups, doctors and experts are all speaking out in opposition

·        Voting for this bill would worsen the opioid epidemic by cutting critical HHS programs by over $10 billion in the next decade. This legislation would also gut critical mental health programs that help millions of Americans by $6.6 billion over the next 10 years.

·        DOA would upend threatening life-saving medical research by slashing funding for the National Institutes of Health by over $100 billion over the next decade.

Default on America’s VETERANS

The DOA tosses our nation’s heroes overboard.

·        Voting for this bill would gut veterans funding by ending essential medical research work and stripping over $4.5 billion in construction project funding for essential facility improvements over the next ten years.

·         This legislation would also make it harder for our nation’s veterans to receive the care they deserve, potentially eliminating 81,000 jobs across the Veterans Health Administration.

·        DOA would hollow out support for veteran housing, food security and key programs that help veterans with addiction and mental health therapy.

Default on America’s leadership

The DOA abandons investment in American innovation and domestic manufacturing.

·         House Republicans want to cut more than $30 billion over the next decade from America’s cutting-edge research facilities, which play a crucial role in maintaining and expanding our competitive advantage.

·         This legislation would also endanger funding to implement the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, including research security to protect against technology transfer to China.


The DOA is a direct attack on businesses, large and small, and workers across the country.

·         House Republicans want to gut historic business investments, threatening more than $240 billion in new domestic tax incentives to bolster American energy security.

·         This legislation could eliminate the over 142,000 new jobs, including 18,000 manufacturing jobs, that have been created since the Inflation Reduction Act was passed.


The DOA is a direct attack on the significant progress Democrats have made in combatting the climate crisis, placing millions of jobs, the health of our children, and America’s leadership in leading technologies at risk.

·         Voting for this bill would result in a huge increase in carbon pollution, and put the world on a calamitous path of more economic damage and worse conditions for the most vulnerable members of our society — from children to our elderly.

·         The Inflation Reduction Act is the most significant climate legislation in history, and it will reduce US carbon pollution by 40%. Voting to repeal the green energy tax credits would wipe out most of that progress.


The DOA shamefully targets the ability of the Federal government to meet the needs of children, students, and their families—from birth through college and beyond.

·         MAGA Republicans’ debt ceiling bill would eliminate at least 200,000 slots in Head Start programs, leaving these children ill-prepared to learn and less likely to succeed in their K-12 educations.

·         This bill would also eliminate more than 105,000 child care slots across the country—preventing these parents from attending school or work.

·         It would claw back school relief dollars, essentially removing at least 100,000 teachers from underserved classrooms.

·         The MAGA Republicans’ bill would reduce Pell Grants for all students by $1,000 and eliminate Pell Grants entirely for approximately 80,000 students.