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FACT SHEET: The Extreme MAGA Wish List Released By Speaker McCarthy Would Devastate American Families, Raise Costs, Hurt Our National Security, While Sending Jobs To China

For weeks, Democrats have insisted that Republicans show the American people a plan to avoid a catastrophic default crisis. Instead, Speaker McCarthy has released a radical policy wish list dictated by the far-right fringes of the extreme MAGA House Republican majority. As one of the most well-known extreme MAGA House Republicans said, “The leadership just picked up the House Freedom Caucus plan and helped us convert it into the legislative text.”

This ransom note should scare everyday Americans.

House Republicans know their extreme MAGA agenda is wildly unpopular with the American people, no matter their political beliefs, so they are trying to force it upon our country, threatening our economy with default.

We’ve seen this movie before with the Affordable Care Act. Democrats pass impactful and important legislation and then Republicans try to repeal it when a debt fight comes around, harming Americans and threatening the global economy. Now, out-of-touch extremists want to gut the Inflation Reduction Act and go backwards on popular priorities.

This radical House GOP bill would slash Americans’ health care, punish working families, and jeopardize our security and our public safety.

House Republicans are saying clearly: if you don’t give in to our radical wish list, we will guarantee the USA’s first-ever default, imposing massive job losses, higher prices, and economic calamity on the American people. Democrats will not allow it. As Leader Schumer said this week, “This MAGA wish list has no chance of moving forward in the Senate, and it doesn’t move us any closer than we were yesterday to avoiding default.”

Republicans say they want to protect American jobs: This extreme MAGA bill ensures American jobs are shipped overseas to China.


  • By slashing funding for critical programs in the CHIPS + Science Act it curtails our ability to stop jobs from being shipped to China.
  • By repealing the Inflation Reduction Act’s green energy tax credits, the creation of over 18,000 jobs will get moved off of America’s shores.
  • Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and bipartisan infrastructure law, the United States has surged past China with more than $200 billion in announced electric vehicle investments, which are now threatened by repealing the IRA’s incentives.

Republicans say they care about securing the border: This extreme MAGA bill leaves our border agents high and dry.


  • Cutting border funding would require the government to furlough every single border patrol agent and would cut over $640 million in security technology.

Republicans say they want to counter China’s growing economic and foreign policy influence: This extreme MAGA bill would be a gift to the Chinese Communist Party.


  • MAGA Republicans want to cut over $3 billion from America’s cutting-edge research facilities which play a crucial role in maintaining and expanding our competitive advantage.  

Republicans say they support the troops and our veterans: This extreme MAGA agenda tosses our nation’s heroes overboard.


  • Last year, Congress passed bipartisan legislation to help uplift our nation’s veterans, increase support for critical health benefits, and fix aging VA infrastructure. Extreme MAGA Republicans want to gut veterans funding by ending essential medical research work and stripping over $450 million in construction project funding.

Republicans say they support law enforcement and first responders: This extreme MAGA bill guts federal, state and local police and first responders.


  • Voting for this bill means cutting $8 billion from the Department of Justice. Nearly 30,000 law enforcement jobs would be wiped out.

Republicans say they want to help grow the middle class: This extreme MAGA bill cruelly punishes the working poor and directly attacks families and children in every state in the nation.


  • By forcing extreme work requirements on programs like SNAP and Medicaid, MAGA Republicans are targeting over 1 million Americans who use SNAP and 2.2 million Americans on Medicaid.

Republicans say they want to save taxpayer dollars: This extreme MAGA bill protects tax cheats and the wealthy and well-connected. 


  • If MAGA Republicans rescind the IRS funding from the Inflation Reduction Act, the non-partisan CBO says it will actually increase the deficit – by over $114 billion over the next decade.

Republicans say they want to help American families: This extreme MAGA bill would strip vital support from American families, law-enforcement officers, and even single mothers who need help.


  • This bill goes after all areas of American life. If defense and veterans’ medical care are funded at current levels, returning to FY22 spending levels would result in up to 30 percent cuts to all other discretionary programs.

Supporters of this extreme wish list need to know their vote will harm hardworking Americans.


The radical, indiscriminate cuts in this bill would slash health care for Americans by:


  • Worsening the opioid epidemic by cutting HHS programs to tackle the crisis by hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Underfunding critical mental health programs.
  • Threatening life-saving medical research by slashing funding for the National Institutes of Health by billions of dollars.

The spending cuts in this bill would punish working families by:


  • Worsening the existing crisis in high-quality and affordable child care by slashing the Child Care and Development Block Grant.
  • Leaving families unable to heat or cool their homes by cutting funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
  • Deny access to infant formula, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other necessary foods by cutting the WIC program.

The spending cuts in this bill would jeopardize security & public safety capabilities by:


  • Slashing funding for the Department of Justice by billions of dollars, resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of law enforcement positions nationwide.
  • Weakening our nation’s border security and immigration enforcement by significantly reducing Border Patrol staffing and technological capacity.

The MAGA majority knows their policy goals are wildly unpopular with the American people, so they are putting a gun to the American economy in an attempt to get their way.

Democrats will not allow it.