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TRANSCRIPT: Majority Leader Schumer Remarks At Senate Judiciary Committee Introducing Ramon Reyes, Nominee For District Judge For The Eastern District Of New York

Washington, D.C.   Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee introducing Ramon Reyes, nominated by President Biden to serve as District Judge for the Eastern District of New York. Below are Senator Schumer’s remarks:

Thank you Mr. Chairman and I want to thank you, Senator Grassley, and all the members of this great Committee for the opportunity to come before you and introduce a truly standout nominee to the federal bench, Ramon Reyes.

Soon, you will learn why Judge Reyes is an outstanding jurist and I’m confident you will join me and President Biden in understanding precisely why he is a uniquely qualified fit for the Eastern District.   

The first thing to know about Judge Reyes is he is here with some pretty important guests: his wife, Jane, and his two law clerks and case manager Barbara, Alex, and Miriam. Welcome! Thank you for your good work.

And if confirmed, Ramon Reyes would be only the second Hispanic man to sit on the Eastern District, an important step to making sure our courts reflect the diversity of this district, one I am proud to say is one of the most diverse districts in the nation – and I live there.

And you know why else I’m certain Ramon Reyes will make an excellent judge?

Well, he’s from Brooklyn. Brooklyn is having a pretty good day today! And what more does one need to know? And dare I say our track record of high-caliber judges can hold its own against any other place in America!

He is also, I am proud to say – even though he’s from Brooklyn, as am I – we are both Yankee fans, though that team is in the Bronx. But we have stuck with the Yankees.

Now, in all seriousness, Judge Reyes’s resume is as broad as it is deep: a graduate of a small school in Tompkins County you may have heard of, Cornell, of Brooklyn Law School and NYU, he began his career clerking for the very same court he now sits on.

Beyond his clerkship, Judge Reyes has served as an attorney in private practice, a federal prosecutor in the famed US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York, a lecturer at Brooklyn Law School, and as a US Magistrate Judge, where he has presided over 33 trials and 15 jury trials.

So he’s done it all. His experience is broad and deep. 

And every step of the way, Judge Reyes made sure the law works equally for all Americans, from the most privileged to the most impoverished.

He has fought to protect voting rights and accessibility to the ballot box.

He has worked to protect workers from discrimination.

He has advocated for consumers victimized by healthcare fraud.

And throughout his career he’s been a teacher and mentor and advocate for the next generation of Latino lawyers and jurists.

In short, our courts need people like Judge Reyes.

I have been proud to work with many of you over the last two years in advancing nominees who are not only qualified, but also break the pattern of nominees we’ve grown accustomed to for so long. Together the Senate has confirmed more people of color, more women, and more nominees from unique backgrounds than under any other Administration.

And in the years to come, we will continue maintaining a laser focus on bringing balance and impartiality back to our courts. We have more work to do, but I am proud of the progress we have made.

So I want to thank Judge Reyes for being here. I want to congratulate him for his nomination. I want to thank the Committee as always for indulging me and realizing my schedule, and I apologize that I have to leave but thank you for the opportunity.

I am proud to present Judge Reyes.