DPCC Report: During the COVID-19 Crisis, Senate Democrats Are Putting People First

July 1, 2020

Eight DPCC Reports Outline the Health and Economic impacts of COVID-19 on American Families, the costs of Republican inaction and Senate Democrats’ Plans for Action

Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (MI) and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) today released a summary of eight DPCC reports that detail the devastating cost of Republican inaction and how Senate Democrats have put American families first during the COVID-19 crisis. The report can be found here.

“The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States was reported on January 20. Since that day, the virus has left no part of our nation untouched as it continues its spread. The Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans failed to act with urgency while other countries were launching national strategies for testing and getting their outbreaks under control,” said Senator Stabenow. “Fast forward five months, and there is still no sense of urgency from Leader McConnell even though there is so much more that needs to be done to help save lives and protect our communities. Republican inaction on COVID-19 has cost people’s lives and their livelihoods. It is time for Senator McConnell to act.”

“The Trump administration and Congressional Republicans’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been scattershot from the beginning, with their lack of leadership only exacerbating the health and economic crises,” said Leader Schumer. “Since the CARES Act passed, Senate Republicans have been sitting on their hands, refusing to work with Democrats on legislation to provide the testing and contract tracing needed to curb the spread of the virus and ensure workers and families have resources they need to weather the pandemic. The American people are demanding action, and Senate Democrats will continue pushing our Republicans colleagues to join us in passing additional coronavirus relief legislation.” 

In a series of reports beginning in April, the DPCC has laid out the toll of the epidemic:

·         The Administration’s failures on testing. Senate Democrats laid out a testing roadmap to safely reopen our country. 

·         How rural communities have been harmed. Senate Democrats are fighting to provide every town in America with the necessary resources to overcome the challenges of COVID-19, including widespread rapid testing, high-speed internet funding, protections and heroes pay for essential workers, relief for farmers, support for rural businesses, increased food assistance, and a rural task force.

·         The bright light the epidemic has shown on racial disparities. Senate Democrats are committed.   to ensure that communities of color have access to quality, affordable health coverage and COVID-19 testing and treatment. Senate Democrats are also working to increase pay and protections for frontline workers, expand paid leave for families, and strengthen water and broadband infrastructure.

·         The impact on mental health. Senate Democrats are committed to ensuring those with mental illness and substance use disorders are not left behind during this pandemic.

·         How state and local services are hurt by Republican inaction. Senate Democrats have called on Mitch McConnell to pass the Heroes Act, which provides states, localities, Tribes, and territories with the resources they need to protect their residents and rebuild their economies.

·         The sacrifices made by our essential workers. Senate Democrats have.   proposed the Heroes Fund and are leading the fight to ensure that workers are safe on the job with enforceable workplace standards and adequate supplies of protective equipment to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and protect our communities.

·         The cost borne by poor families and low-wealth Americans. Senate Democrats know it’s past.   time     to provide economic opportunity and support to all Americans. Americans need a living wage so they can afford rent and pay their bills while saving for a better future.

·         The profound effects of the pandemic on our schools and our children’s education. Senate Democrats are fighting to ensure that schools and educators have the  resources necessary so that students don’t fall further behind in their education. Senate Democrats are also committed to ensuring       that schools can reopen safely in the fall and continue to provide critical services for vulnerable students.

Senate Democrats have real solutions. These eight, reports are full of action items that simply require Republicans to work with Democrats to act.